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Latest NPower News For Today Saturday 1st January 2022



NPower Stipend Payment News For Today 26th March 2023

Latest NPower News For Today Saturday 1st January 2022

Welcome to Flippstack, we have compiled the Latest Npower News for today Saturday 1st January 2022. So if you are among the NPower beneficiaries, make sure to read this article to the end and always come back from time to time to check for more updates.

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1. NPower Adds And Removes Batch C Stream 1 November Payment Payroll

The  National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) activated the Batch C Stream 1 November payment payroll after initiating the payment process of October payment but that didn’t last long, as the November payment process has been halted and removed from all beneficiary’s dashboards.


NASIMS on their Facebook page stated that the removal of the November payment is deemed appropriate to ensure a hitch-free and successful payment gateway as they disburse the outstanding payments.

According NASIMS:


“The removal of November payment earlier added to payroll tab today was deemed appropriate after careful review to halt an error ensuring simultaneous payment and hitch-free payment gateway is achieved.


“Recall, we had earlier stated the payment pattern deployed to clear the outstanding (payment shall be made separately). Be rest assured all outstanding will be cleared, we are poised to serve you better.

“Thanks for your understanding.”

So if the November payroll has disappeared from your dashboard, don’t panic as NASIMS is working to ensure there is no error in the disbursement, therefore has chosen to take it one after the other.

2. NPower Batch C1 October Payment Process Initiated

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has disclosed through its official Facebook page that the payment process of October stipend has been initiated which was also confirmed by some beneficiaries whose October payment status has been changed to pending on their dashboard.


According to NASIMS:

“We are pleased to inform you that the outstanding payment process for the month of October has been initiated. While you wait for your account to be credited, we sincerely apologize for all the inconveniences the payment delay may have caused you. We appreciate for patience and faith kept so far on us.

“Thank you very much for your unalloyed patience so far, even when we didn’t come up with updates regarding the issue of outstanding payment, your faith was unshakable.”

Meanwhile, beneficiaries have started confirming that their October payment status is now showing pending which means the payment will be disbursed soon.


Although the recent information reaching us this morning is that some beneficiaries have started receiving alerts for their October stipend which will surely be a relief to them after waiting patiently to get paid.

3. What You Need To Know About Npower 2 Month 60k Stipends Payment Rumors

There have been rumors circulating by some individuals on social media stating that Npower has begun payment of 2 Month 60k Stipends out of the 3 months October, November, and December allowance owed beneficiaries.

According to our findings, the rumor begins circulating earlier on Friday 24th of December 2021 by some group of persons which some beneficiaries took the rumors as a great relief because they thought they will be paid to celebrate Christmas, but the payment never showed.

Although Npower has not confirmed these rumors and as such, Npower beneficiaries should always check their self-service portal for changes and also stay tuned to Npower and Nasims’ official page for genuine updates.


Another rumor reaching us here at Flippstack, states that Npower October, November, and December Stipends were not captured in the 2021 budget which has not been confirmed. So disregard any unconfirmed rumors.

That’s all for the Npower latest news for today Saturday 1st January 2022, make sure to share this article and always come back from time to time for more Npower latest news.

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