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Latest News On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans For Today Tuesday 7th December 2021



Following the recent notice by Nirsal Microfinance Bank to Beneficiaries regarding repayment of their due loan, the bank has released a new notice that guides beneficiaries on how to repay their loan. NMFB Gives New Guideline On Loan Repayment Process

Latest News On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans For Today Tuesday 7th December 2021

Welcome to Flippstack, we have gathered all the latest happenings on the Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans which we will be sharing them with you in this article, so make sure you read until the end.

Before we continue, if you are finding it difficult to apply for NMFB Covid-19 TCF Loan due to issue of Invalid BVN. kindly click HERE to see how to bypass the issue.

Below are the latest news On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans For Today Tuesday 7th December 2021

1. NMFB Discloses That Over 7 Million Nigerians On Queue For COVID-19 Loans On Our Portal

The Managing Director, Nirsal Microfinance Bank, Abubakar Abdulahi Kure has disclosed that the COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility Loan has reduced the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Household and MSME’s in Nigeria has not ended.

Kure responding to an interview with Abdulwahab Isa stated that over 7 Million Nigerians are on queue for the COVID-19 TCF Loan, explaining that the demand for the loan has however exceeded the available resources for the Loan Scheme.

According to Kure, “Covid-19 loan is still ongoing. The demand is just greater than the supply. As I speak with you, almost seven million Nigerians are asking for a Covid loan. Since April of this year, the portal has been closed.

“What I have found out is, people think this is a public fund. There is a poor perception around it, which could pose a danger to recovery. Some people feel it’s a national cake. There would be challenges around recoveries. We also have scammers around the products. Because people are desperate; because demand supersedes supply and the fund is limited, people get scammed. Read More

2. NMFB Non-interest Banking Window Loan Beneficiaries Complains Of Not Being Able To Reach their Vendors On Phone

Nirsal Microfinance Bank NMFB has continued the approval of Non-interest Banking Window Loan as some beneficiaries complain of not being able to reach out to their assigned Vendors as disbursement continues.

NMFB disclosed on their official social media accounts last month where they stated clearly that their approved vendors have started distribution of the equipment, urging beneficiaries who haven’t received theirs to be patient as they will surely get their equipment.

However, some beneficiaries have disclosed their dissatisfaction with not being able to reach their Vendors as their phone numbers are not going through, thereby making it difficult for them to receive their equipment.

Although, Nirsal Microfinance Bank has urged any beneficiary having such an issue to contact them through their helplines: 09010026900-7 or send a mail to [email protected] to resolve such issue.

3. NMFB Discloses Reason Why Some TCF Applicants Have Not Received Their Loan

The Nirsal Microfinance Bank has sent a new important notice to its TCF loan applicants stating the reason why some of the applicants have not received their loan and also outlined what to do in order to redeem their loan.

Nirsal Microfinance Bank disclosed this on their official Instagram account where they stated that some of the Covid-19 loan applicants have not received their loan because they are tier 1 account holders and have urged them to kindly visit their bank to upgrade their account from tier 1 to tier 3, ensure that the name on your application matches with the name on your account to avoid a mismatch during payment and also desist from posting your account details on the comment section of our social media pages.

That’s all for the Latest News On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans For Today Tuesday 7th December 2021, make sure to share this article and always come back from time to time for more updates.


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