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20 Lucrative Christmas Business Ideas In Nigeria



22 Lucrative Christmas Business Ideas

20 Lucrative Christmas Business Ideas In Nigeria

Christmas is around the corner and many families are already planning on how to celebrate the season together with their loved ones while some creative ones are seeing it as a season to make money by creating a Christmas high-demand product that will help families enjoy the season.

In this article, we will be walking you through those Christmas high-demand business ideas that can fetch you a huge amount of money this season, so make sure you read until the end.

Below is a list of lucrative Christmas business ideas that can fetch you money in Nigeria

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20 Lucrative Christmas Business Ideas In Nigeria

1. Short Let

The first on our list is Short Let business. Short let is simply renting a house to people to stay for a short period of time. So as people from different places travel to other places to catch fun during and after Christmas. These people need a top-notch and secured place to cool their heads with loved ones.

To those in the real estate investment, terraces that have the required amenities would definitely meet the high housing demand demands of family members who would love to spend their holiday away from home.

Do you know why this is a good business opportunity in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Osogbo, Obudu, PH, Ibadan, and other cities? Demand for hotels during this season is usually high, as such short let apartments could complement the overbooked hotel rooms.

2. Selling Of Shoes

We all know during the Christmas period, people love to wear shoes and look good in order to impress village people especially for those who like to travel to their villages to spend their holidays. So this is the period to start a shoe-selling business.

You can go to aliexpress, Jumia, Konga among others are some of the places to get samples of shoes you want to sell, download the photos and begin to market on your social media profiles, on WhatsApp, etc.

Then when a customer request for any shoe, you can now go to the above-mentioned online e-commerce websites and order for the shoe, then deliver it to the customer.

3. Content Marketing

This is similar to digital marketing jobs, online sales require SEO-friendly content that would bring leads from online search. Some of the online marketplaces do black Friday offers and they need content marketers to help them create search-based articles that will bring online customers. If you’re a good content marketer, why not put your skills into work to earn cool money during this period?

4. Cleaning & Fumigation Service

Families who are based outside Nigeria will like to come back to Nigeria to celebrate their Christmas holidays with their loved ones in Nigeria and will be needing someone to clean up and tidy their abandoned house in Nigeria. You can capitalize on that opportunity.

5. Selling Of Livestock

We all know Christmas is an enjoyable season and people will need to cook their food with Chicken, Goat meat, cow, etc, so If you are into livestock farming, this is your opportunity to sell them and make your money.

6. Selling Of Flowers

If you’re in a country that where Christmas gift like flowers is appreciated and valued, you can sell flowers during this period and make your money.

7. Selling Of Toys

Children’s toys are always in high demand during the Christmas period because Children need something to play with during this holiday season which their parents always buy for them. So you can go and buy these toys from those that sell at wholesale price and now resell them to make a profit.

8. Storage Facility Service

This period is a time when people might want to buy things ahead of time, most times, buyers don’t have enough space to keep them.
If you have a secured storage facility, this is another business opportunity that can fetch you money.

9. Digital Marketing

Most of the online marketplace or individuals who have products suitable for holiday gifts are mostly not specialists in digital media. They need specialists to help them put their products in front of billions of prospective buyers from across the world.

If you’re a digital marketer, it’s to send out your proposals to freelancers, let your followers on social media know what their business would gain by using your service.

10. Holiday Party Band

People see the end of the year to celebrate and relax and listen to good music, you can form a band to perform at the event centre, at homes where family members and friends gather.

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11. Holiday Special Songs

Are you a music writer or singer? then this is your opportunity. You can compose special Christmas songs for families. You make cool money from this service. The fact that the song is specially dedicated to a family makes it unique and want them to pay for your service, depending on how deep the pocket of your customer is.

12. Selling Of Jewelry

Selling of Necklace, hand bangle among others which are some of the most purchased items during this season. If you don’t have a huge budget for this business, you adopt the business strategy we mentioned in the sales of shoes.

13. Events Planning

Event planning isn’t a completely new business, but what we see around us every year shows that people love to fix events during the “ember month” e.g house warming.

Not just that, this is the time when friends love to have a reunion party, this event needs a planner to make the occasion classic. You can earn between NGN80,000 to NGN500,000 from just planning an event, depending on the financial status and class of the organizers.

14. Fire Crackers

Firecrackers which is also known as Banger or Knockout are always used to celebrate the season.

But because of the security threat in Nigeria and the failure of users to take precautionary measures that guide the use of firecrackers, the Nigeria Police once announced its ban.

However, if you are in a country where this Christmas gift isn’t banned, you can make a lot of money from it. Kids love it, even some grown men and women, irrespective of religious affiliations, buy them to usher in a new year.

15. Sale of Ladies’ Wear

There may not be any stats to back this up, but it seems ladies wear new items of clothing than their men counterparts. Sell auto-gele, tops with special designs for ladies could be a lucrative business idea during the holiday, think about it.

16. Tourism Security

Nigeria is blessed with hundreds of wonderful tourist attraction locations, but insecurity is depriving the country of creating opportunities from the sector. Incredibly, insecurity is a good business for security experts, it means their service would be more needed. So, if you’re a security expert, why not begin to provide tourism security for people who might want to come to Nigeria to visit.

17. Christmas Delivery Service

There are millions of people who want to present Christmas gifts to loved ones, this is an opportunity. You can run errands for those who need this service.

18. Photography

Nearly every adolescent has either an Android smartphone or iPhone, you can see them flood Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

This doesn’t stop you from making a cool catch from the photography business because people still want frame versions of professionally-taken photos. Photography is a cool Christmas business idea you can start if you have a professional HD camera.

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19. Sales of Wine

It’s Yuletide, people drink a lot of wine at home, at get-together events and many other places.
Baking Business Cakes, chin-chin, donuts, peanuts, puff-puff among others are perhaps the most popular food items people consume during Christmas and New Year celebrations. You can make a cool catch from this business if you bring your creative ideas to display

20. Christmas Light Installer

While some people might want to simply hang the Christmas light in the sitting room or on the fence of their apartment, a lot of others want the lighting to bring out the beauty in a unique way.

This is a service you can provide for people who want class and aesthetics, most especially hotels, clubhouses, and recreational centers that need a professional light installer. You don’t need a special skill, be creative like using the light to form names and other readable things.

20 Lucrative Christmas Business Ideas In Nigeria

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