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Latest Update on Npower Batch C Stream 1 October Payment



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Latest Update on Npower Batch C Stream 1 October Payment

Welcome to Flippstack, we know many Npower Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries are patiently waiting but at the same worried if this month stipend will be paid by Npower.

You can recall that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development declared on 4th October 2021 as the official date for resumption of “work” by the beneficiaries of the Stream 1 Npower Programme.

This only means that the Ministry will never pay for a month the beneficiaries did not work for as Npower is a work, earn and learn programme. The opposite may have happened in the past but do not expect it in this current leadership.

Some online media has suggested that the payment will be made by 25th of this month but the 25th of any Month is not a good expectant date for Npower payment. This is because Npower beneficiaries are not permanent Federal workers and the Npower Programme is not institutionalized under the Civil Service Commission.

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As a programme under a Ministry, the Ministry will have to clear beneficiaries who are due for payment towards the end of the month. This is similar to NYSC except that there is no monthly vouching.

Clearance for payment systematically involves reports from the accredited Npower Monitoring Team which has started visiting PPAs already, and reports from the State Focal Persons which are the formation of various reports from Places of Primary Assignment where beneficiaries are posted in any State.

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October payment being the first Stipend to be received by the Batch C Stream 1 Npower beneficiaries, would take a little time because when the Ministry clears for payment, the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation will have to feed the data into the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System server.

When all are set in the server, subsequent payment can then be easy and, would be paid earlier before the 7th of the following Month. The beneficiaries of the Batch C Stream 1 Npower Programme should expect their October Stipend from 1st to 10th November 2021.

Latest Update on Npower Batch C Stream 1 October Payment


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