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How To Use WhatsApp For Business And Marketing



How To Use WhatsApp For Business And Marketing

How To Use WhatsApp For Business And Marketing

In this article, we will be walking you through how you can use WhatsApp to improve your business, so make sure you read until the end.

When you’re thinking about different marketing channels to talk and engage with your ideal customers, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably Facebook, with its 2.167 billion active users.

Maybe Instagram with its 800 million active users? What about Twitter with its 330 million active users or LinkedIn that has 260 million active users. You’re probably on there too. But what if we would tell you there is another platform out there, it is text-based, has more users than Instagram and LinkedIn combined.


The average text message gets an open rate of around 98%. That is the reason why chatbots work so well too. And that is precisely the reason that makes WhatsApp the most engaging marketing channel on the planet.

The reason why you probably never thought about using it as a marketing channel is that there has never been any real tool to help you manage your account and start engaging with your “followers” unless you had that one mobile phone on which the client with your business number was installed.

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There’s also no advertising on WhatsApp, so the natural and lazy route of just buying some ads will get you nowhere. So what do you need to do? When you also can’t track your success, you can’t search for groups to automatically join and promote your stuff? Right now is the moment to start taking action, build a massive following, and start engaging with your real fans before all marketers all over the world start to figure out they are missing on this vast opportunity and spoil it for everyone.


So head over to your App Store of choice and download the WhatsApp Business App. Wait do I have to install another WhatsApp client than the one I’m already using? Yups, because with the WhatsApp Business App, you can: Create business profiles You can create a profile using a regular landline You can create quick replies for those same messages you might need to answer over and over again You can set automated messages, as a form of a simple chatbot You can get message statistics And you can label your contacts so you can easily find back individual clients back again So now you downloaded the app and created an account, what should you use the app for?

How To Use WhatsApp For Business And Marketing

How To Use WhatsApp For Business And Marketing

1. Show the human side of your organization Remember that moment in 2017 when every company out there was cloning the “stories” feature of Snapchat? Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, WhatsApp could not be left behind as well.

That stories part of the app though is excellent for showing a raw, informal glimpse into your business; you can do this by having someone different in your office take over the account every week for example.

2. For updating order status and sending reminders. You can send updates on the order status of your customers, the moment the order leaves the factory, send order tracking links, etc. Anything to keep your customers informed and in the loop of what is going on.


3. To send reminders Just like keeping your customers informed about their order status, you can also use it to send reminders. Millennials and even Gen Y folks have becoming used to checking WhatsApp daily much like (or maybe much less than) a newspaper.

This means that if they have a policy that needs renewing or a flight that needs to be boarded the next day, you can send a message reminding them of it. This way, you can also reduce the risk of them missing out on important deadlines.

4. For customer support When you’re a small business or startup, it can be challenging to provide an entire customer support desk for your customers. By using WA Business, even companies tight on cash can afford to answer questions their customers might be directed towards them quickly.

The beautiful thing as well, of course, is that the app supports all sorts of media. This means next to text; you can use audio, video, maybe even a quick call to provide excellent customer support.


5. For Product demos Because WhatsApp is a platform that extensively supports video content, you can even send over product videos.

If someone leaves a demo request, you can send over videos to his WhatsApp directly. This is a good use case, especially for businesses that have products that require assistance.

6. To get reviews and ratings You can get your customers to review your product or service.

Give them links or options to reply to a survey. WhatsApp being a go-to platform for communication, can motivate your customers to give you more accurate feedback. Give them innovative ways to provide feedback, and they will interact with you.


7. For Marketing Promotion, Of course, this might be the first thing you’re thinking about, but we’re mentioning it last. I don’t think any marketer can ever resist promoting their products on any platform.

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You can send them offers, new product releases, promo codes, and more. The reason I’m mentioning it last though, is that since this is a one on one communication with your clients, make sure that the message is worth their time.


Don’t overdo it with offers every day, make it enjoyable for your customers, otherwise they can easily block you. Whatever you do, don’t forget Humans like to talk to Humans. That’s all for this article, remember to share with your friends and loved ones.


How To Use WhatsApp For Business And Marketing

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