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Top 10 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Travel Abroad



Top 10 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Travel Abroad

Top 10 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Travel Abroad

Welcome to Flippstack, with the current hardship and economic meltdown in the country, a lot of individuals are already leaving the country while some are considering doing so soon. If you are one of those considering traveling abroad for studies, work, tourism, or as an immigrant, then this article is for you, make sure you read until the end.

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Below are the top reasons you should consider traveling abroad

Top 10 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Travel Abroad

1. Availability of Jobs

Top 10 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Travel Abroad

The first on our list is the Availability of Jobs. The Federal Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria revealed that the current unemployment rate is at 33.3%. It is at an even higher 53.4% amongst youths, who are the supposed ‘leaders of tomorrow’. Nigerian higher institutions release well over 700,000 graduates into the labour market each year. It is a well-known fact that the labour markets have no jobs or even a decent one at that to offer the teeming graduates that continually swarm it.

One major reason why you should consider traveling abroad is the availability of jobs – especially 21st-century jobs that are currently in high demand in developed nations. Most Nigerian graduates have to either start up a business (this is particularly difficult because of capital, technical know-how, and experience) or take up a #20,000/month (that’s barely $50) job. Even the 20k jobs are not 100% easy to come by, one still has to put forward their best foot for such ridiculous pay. It is even more pitiful because the current exchange rates further make the Naira even vainer. This leads to the third reason why you should consider traveling out of Nigeria.

2. Better wages, salaries, hourly rates.

Top 10 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Travel Abroad

The current minimum monthly wage of Nigeria is set to about #30,000 ( approx. $70, even less in the face of recent decline). That set price has no real value in the face of the current recession. As a statement of fact, most agencies do not even adhere to that set minimum yet. So you will still find lots of persons (even graduates) earning below #20,000. This is just unacceptable. If you desire to be better compensated for your skills, talents, and efforts, this is a major reason to travel abroad. The pay in most countries abroad is hourly and even the most ridiculous jobs still pay way better than most white-collar jobs in Nigeria.

3. Live in a more secure environment

We all know how insecure the country is right now. Security of lives and properties should be the utmost priority of any nation that has the interest of its citizens at heart. Without mincing words, the current state of security in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. The rate of incessant kidnappings, bandit and terrorist attacks and armed robbery is alarming. It is even more pathetic than little to nothing is being done about the issue of insecurity that should normally be the top-most on the list of any forward-thinking nation.

If the current situation of insecurity in Nigeria gives you concern, then traveling abroad is an option you definitely want to consider. The vast bureaucratic and data capturing processes involved in settling down in most foreign cities ensure that everyone’s data is properly captured and hence, crime is often at the minimal level. The police are properly equipped to carry out their duties and are always just a phone dial away.

4. Justice

What is the point of staying glued to your country of birth when the judiciary no longer sees to it that justice is served? It is no news that the Nigerian judiciary system has failed the average Nigerian. Justice is no longer served in the courts. The legal system favours the rich and is connected to the detriment of the poor masses. This is often not the case abroad, although there have been cases of injustice in recent times against Blacks, however, fair hearing is still a thing in the legal system of most developed countries. This immediately leads us to the next important point connected to this.

5. Freedom from harassment

On the 20th of October 2020, several Nigerian youths lost their lives to the military attack on peaceful protesters that took place at the Lekki tollgate. The victims went peacefully to speak against the harassment often perpetrated on innocent civilians by a sect of the Nigerian Police called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) where they met their deaths and several others got severely injured.

Going around with dreadlocks, an exotic car, or an expensive phone are all signs of being into cyber-crime in the eyes of SARS and hence the protest. The constant harassment of innocent citizens by the Nigerian police is just unbearable. This is not the case abroad where the police treat every person with the utmost respect. If you want to live in a saner environment where you do not have to worry about being harassed, this is a reason to consider leaving Nigeria.

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6. Develop Your Language Skills

You should definitely consider relocating abroad if you want to learn a new language or get better at speaking English. There is no better way to develop one’s language skills than to converse with the natives. One gets to hear the “real” accent, intonations, stress patterns, catchy phrases, etc. For lovers of language, traveling abroad is a dream to live.

7. Educational and Career Opportunities

If you want to get a practice-oriented education that focuses on productivity and efficiency rather than just earning a certificate, then consider relocating abroad. There are tons of educational facilities abroad to cater to almost any academic ambition that one has. From the fully furnished research labs to the conducive classrooms, amazing teaching styles, and up-to-date technology available in most educational facilities, schooling abroad sure builds one up for a productive career.

Additionally, the career opportunities abroad are limitless. Just about anything is a career. In Nigeria, most professionals do not even have the platform/opportunity to practice in their various fields. You will find language teachers in banks, engineers in sales and marketing, etc. Everything absurd. You should think about moving abroad if you really want to work in the area of your giftedness and training.

8. Access to software and technology

Top 10 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Travel Abroad

Currently, Twitter in Nigeria is banned for a somewhat frivolous reason. Users of several other web and mobile applications have to look for a way to get access to this software. For the techie person reading this, this might be enough fuel to propel you to leave Nigeria.

9. Experience a new culture/paradigm

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Traveling abroad will open one up to new cultures and paradigms. Living in Nigeria for one’s entire life will in a way impact the kind of decision that one makes in life. Watching foreign movies and communicating with people abroad is different from experiencing it for oneself. Experience is the real teacher when it comes to exploring other cultures or ways of thinking.

10. Personal Development

A world where the needed facilities and values are available to support one’s dreams is no small blessing. The current challenge facing most Nigerians is environmental. Countless times, Nigerians struggling in Nigeria have ended up thriving abroad simply because of the enabling environment that these developed nations provide. There is no doubt that developed nations sure provide a facilitating environment that stirs up creativity and development. When electricity, high-speed internet, and good roads are no longer one’s concern, they’d think more innovatively.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Travel Abroad


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