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Tips To Horn Your Side Hustling Skills as a Student



Tips To Horn Your Side Hustling Skills as a Student

Tips To Horn Your Side Hustling Skills as a Student

I’m a hustler used to be a street language that our older ones are acquainted with. However, with the increase in dollars and pounds to naira rate, everyone has turned to a hustler.

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An hustler is one who puts effort to make ends meet. An hustler is not a street boy or girl. An hustler is an active and energetic person who is never lazy but just wants to add to his/her income.

Tips For Every Student

1. Know what is scarce in your environment:

thisis germane to every environment irrespective of the country you are. What is that missing item that people find difficult to purchase in your environment? It’s your lucky day. Start with what you have and get right into buying and selling.

2. Be the most affordable hair stylist and get referrals:

Just start with your friends, neighbours before you extend to non-acquaintances. Friends and families are those who would announce your skills to the world. Either you can plait or cut hair, just tell them to tell someone about you. Boom! That’s how you become a certified hustler.

3. Know what others do not know:

What do I mean? Being woke is not archaic. Be the one to know where to buy this, or that. Avail yourself to every entrepreneurial opportunity and deliver the best. It’s a matter of time before people refer you to others.

4. The last but certainly not the least, be empowered:

Empowering yourself is not as easy as it sounds, but it certainly pays eventually.
The boy who learnt how to sew before gaining admission into the university, initially, he thought it was a waste of time. Two years into the university, he bought a sewing machine with the help of family and friends. He’s now a popular fashion designer on the campus using his sewing skills as side hustle.

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How could I forget Chichi who bakes for her family and neighbours whenever it’s their birthday. First year in the university, she takes her mixed flour to the bakery, bakes for her course mates and others on the campus just by empowering herself.

These tips are golden if you truly follow them.
Increase your hustle today!

Tips To Horn Your Side Hustling Skills as a Student

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