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9mobile 365GB Bonus Code And Data Plans 2021



9mobile 365GB Bonus Code And Data Plans 2021

9mobile 365GB Bonus Code And Data Plans 2021

9mobile is one of the biggest telecommunication networks operating in Nigeria, having more than five million loyal customers across the country.

If you are one of the loyal 9mobile customers, then this article is for you because we will be walking you through the 9mobile data codes and how you can get a whopping 365GB bonus data from your 9mobile Sim, make sure you read until the end.

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9mobile Data Subscription Code

Let’s start with how to subscribe to a data plan in 9mobile

To buy a data plan on 9mobile;

  • Simply dial *200# on your phone dialer app.
  • From the menu, reply 2.
  • You’re good to go.

Or you can dial *200*2# to subscribe.

Some of the Cheap 9mobile Plans

N300 For 1GB + Social

Damn, you can imagine how cheap this data plan is and it happens to be the first on our list today. Look closely, you can buy 1gigabyte for only 200 Naira spent on airtime. This plan is valid for 24hours and to subscribe, simply dial *229*3*3# on your dialer app right away.


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N1500 For 7GB + Social

This is an amazing data plan from 9mobile and it happens to be the second internet bundle on our list of 9mobile data plans. You can subscribe to this plan by recharging at least 1,500 Naira on your 9mobile number. After that, just dial *229*2*2# on your phone. You use this data plan for 7days or less.

N500 For 2GB + Social

Once you buy a recharge card of N500 or recharge directly from your bank VTU or even Recharge and Get Paid VTU that pays you for your recharge, you can get BIG data volume to browse your favorite stuff.

See, with only N500 you’ll get 2gigabytes on your line. Just dial *229*3*4#, it’s valid for 3days.


N500 For 1GB + Social 

Try not to get it wound, there are more information benefits than you might suspect. With only 500 Naira you can likewise get 1gigabytes for an all-encompassing period. When you dial the information plan code, you move 1GB immediately.

To enact 1GB for 500, just dial *229*2*1# and acknowledge the buy. It’s substantial for 7 days.

N15,000 For 75GB 

Gracious! In this part, you should put somewhat in web information packs. Indeed, check your information equilibrium and ensure you have up to 15,000 broadcast appointments in your record balance, if not re-energize your line first.

From that point onward, sympathetically dial *229*2*4# on your cell phone. It’s substantial for 30 days.


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N10,000 For 40GB

Don’t ignore this 9mobile data plan. Imagine, you can get up to 40gigabytes, that’s about 40000megabytes to browse, download and do almost anything you want on your smartphone.

Simply dial *229*4*1# on your phone dialer app then check your balance to confirm the operation was successful. In most cases, you get a confirmation message immediately after the subscription. This data plan is valid for 30 days.

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N5,000 For 15GB

On this, you will need to load about the 5000 Naira credit through your bank VTU system, Recharge card slip, or anyhow you want to. After successful recharge, just dial *229*2*37# on your dialer and you’ll get a whooping 15gigabytes to stay connected online for 30days.

You can always renew plans when it’s exhausted.

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N4,000 For 11GB

You can’t afford to miss any of these offers on 9mobile data plans. This one is 11gigabytes of data volume and you can buy it for 4000 Naira only. Simply dial *229*2*36# on your device. You will get a confirmation message afterward.


You should also note that this data bundle lasts for 30 days.

N2,000 For 4.5GB

Stick to this part for a sec. Imagine, 9mobile is giving you 4.5gigabytes of data volume to do your favorite stuff on the internet for just 2000 Naira airtime recharged on your line. This data plan is cool to me though. You’re also given 30 days to use up data, if not, it will be taken.

Simply dial *229*2*8# or SMS AND2 to 229 to activate the data plan right away.

N25,000 For 75GB Quarterly data plan

Ok, you will need to add a little more to your investment on 9mobile data plans. In this case, you’re asked to recharge 25,000 Naira airtime or more to get BIGGER data volume.


Yes, you will receive 75gigabytes which is about 75000megabytes once you dial the working activation code for this data plan.

  • Simply dial *229*5*1# on your phone and you what? You have 2months to use up that data which is 90days.

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N50,000 For 165GB Bi-Annual data plan

You will have to go BIGGER this time. Recharge about 50 thousand Naira on your phone to buy this 9mobile data plan. To make this possible, simply dial *229*5*2# and you’ll receive a whooping 168gigabytes on your line.

Don’t worry, you’ll be notified once the activate is successful. This data bundle is valid for 180 days which is 6months.

N100,000 For 365GB Annual data plan

You will need to invest even BIGGER this time. The one I shared earlier was half of this data plan cost and you know what that means;


Simply dial *229*5*3# on your device dialer to get 65gigabytes immediately. It’s valid for 365 days which is approximately 1year.

9mobile 365GB Bonus Code And Data Plans 2021

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