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INEC To Continue Voters Registration June 28



INEC Warns Nigerians On Fake CVR Portal

INEC To Continue Voters Registration June 28

If you are among those that misplaced their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) or you are yet to Register, this is your opportunity to get your Permanent Voters Card as INEC announce the date to continue the registration.

The date for the continuous voters registration (CVR) exercise has be scheduled to commence from June 28, 2021. The exercise will be done nationwide, and will last for over a year and stop towards the third (3rd) quarter of 2022.

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Although, emphasis will firstly be on Anambra State where polling centres will be created in respect to the upcoming governorship election that will be held in the State, on the 6th of November, 2021.

To enable a standard preparation ahead of the governorship election that will be held in Anambra State, the CVR exercise will be halted temporarily on the month of August 2021, and resume fully after the election in the State. The new Permanent voter’s card (PVC) that will be registered within this short period of time will be printed, and used for the election.

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Since there is preparation going on in regards to the commencement of the Continuous Voters Registration (CVR), the commission will communicate to the general public about its innovation to ensure peaceful, stress-free, and smooth running of the exercise.


Intending registrants, especially those who have turned eighteen (18) years of age, should endeavor to turn out for the registration exercise starting from 28th of June, 2021.
Nigerians are encouraged to partake in the exercise, in order to fulfil their civic responsibility of voting their choice of leader(s).

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Reasons INEC choose to Continue Voters Registration on June 28

  1. Introduction of New portal: The commission will want to conclude their activities (work) on the new portal, and possibly complete the capture of the registrants biometric information at the different registration centres/points.
  2. Increases voter access to polling points/units: Starting the process earlier will enable the commission expand voters access to available polling units. Meaning, registrants can easily and freely make their choice of polling units.
  3. INEC Voter Enrolment Device: Starting earlier enough will greatly help the commission conclude training of officials, conclude all delivery, and integration processes before deployment of equipments that will be used for the exercise.

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Those eligible to participate in the CVR exercise

  • Nigerians who are eighteen (18) years and above, and haven’t being registered before.
  • Voters who wishes to change their voting point/unit.
  • Registered voters with issues in previous elections (Especially during accreditation).
  • Those who have a damaged PVC or got their PVC misplaced.
  • Registered voters that would want to make corrections such as names, date of birth, etc.

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