Google Partners with Nigeria’s Ministry of Youth and Sports to Help its Economy Recover Faster

Since the Covid-19 stroked, many countries have been struggling to revive their economy due to months of inactivity. Nigeria being one of the country its economy was affected massively, Google has decided to stretch a helping hand towards them.

Google made the announcement during a virtual press conference to identify several ways to help countries towards economic recovery post-covid-19.

In a bid to help the country recover faster, Google has announced its plan to help the vulnerable population, individuals, job seekers, businesses, and educational institutions.

The firm aims to support them as they adapt to the new normal and begin to rebuild and recover from the impact of the pandemic.

The tech giant’s initiative looks to cater to the funding needs, training, and services of different individuals and corporate bodies across various sectors.


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To dispense the service it has planned, Google has partnered with the Nigerian Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. The partnership will allow youth-owned SMBs to be beneficiaries of the Google support scheme.

Now, Google has designed a dedicated digital hub which will provide individuals and businesses with free resources and tools.

Through the digital platform, over 500,000 small businesses will be helped to put their businesses online or increase their digital online presence. The company aims to achieve this through Google My Business (GMB); an online tool which helps businesses connect with millions of users monthly.

By Okpara Kenneth

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